They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step…

Hi, I’m Theron Vickery, the Founder of Real Impact Games. Along with a small team of dedicated volunteers, I’m on a mission to change the world…and the mobile game industry in the process!

My journey began five years ago, while I was working at a very successful gaming company. It was everything a game company is supposed to be. An awesome office. Wild company trips. Kegerator! Swanky parties with cool co-workers. They were great times without a doubt and we were very successful!

Amidst all of the fun, I watched money pour in from the games we were making. I began to look at phones differently. I suddenly saw them as money-making devices with unlimited potential. I found myself thinking…If just a small amount of that money was donated to a good cause, it would make a huge difference. If I could leverage the popularity of mobile games, as a sort of crowd-funding platform for charity, the ability to change the world would literally be in all of our hands. I made up my mind and set out on a path to create games for good.

I am not a developer and I’ve never managed or ran my own business. Believing that I would be more successful with a team than going at it alone, I started having conversations with people about the idea. I built the core of a team and continue to meet good people willing to help join the cause!

We’ve worked hard over the last year. We’ve pivoted and pivoted again. We’ve thrown our babies out with the bathwater. Most importantly, we have endured.

Over the last two months, we’ve released four games on iOS and Android! They aren’t perfect and they don’t have all the features we want to include quite yet, but they are out there and already starting to earn a little money. Now we are focused on continuing our work to improve the our existing games, while working to release something new and exciting.

Even though we’re still a long ways away from where we hope to be someday, our journey towards making a Real Impact is well underway. I’m hopeful and excited for what the future holds!